We Buy Surplus Medical Equipment

The Answer For Surplus Equipment ZRG provides hospital and laboratory liquidations of surplus medical equipment, certified appraisals and inventory assessments. We help customers to understand the true value of their surplus equipment. ZRG will pay top dollar for quality preowned medical and laboratory equipment. If your healthcare or laboratory facility is struggling with the disposition of surplus equipment ZRG, LLC can help. Hospitals and laboratories routinely look to ZRG to assist them in making informed, costeffective decisions for the liquidation of excess equipment in an environmentally responsible way.

It's both financially and environmentally unwise for healthcare facilities to throw saleable assets away and to pay disposal costs. Excess surplus equipment is often reusable and you can get maximum cash value for it. As a responsible, ethical business partner, ZRG sells reusable equipment for reuse throughout the world. If unsellable, it is donated to charitable organizations. We may find some equipment unusable. In this case ZRG will dispose of it following R2 Certification practices which are environmentally responsible. Throughout the world people are in need of medical and laboratory equipment. Your unused equipment may help to fill this need.


Hospital staff signs documents releasing liability to ZRG. We follow a standard operating procedure program for all equipment we manage, including the sanitization of all electronic protected health information data (HIPAA) from hard drives and storage devices.

What we do with surplus equipment

Depending on what it is and its condition, we repair and refurbish it, biomed-certify working equipment, sell complete systems with a warranty, sell parts, donate the equipment, or responsibly recycle it. 

Ease space issues

ZRG performs full take-outs of equipment, relieving your facility of unwanted equipment that fills your storerooms.  ZRG removes excess surplus in a timely and responsible fashion, taking care of all the details for you.