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Our inventory of medical equipment is freshly removed from hospitals and laboratories and then tested. We’re able to offer high quality equipment at a substantial savings to you.

The kinds of equipment we sell:

Anesthesia Machines

C Arms


Endoscopy Equipment

Electrical Surgical Units

Infusion Pumps

Laboratory Equipment

O.R. Tables

Patient Monitors

Surgical Tables

Surgical Equipment

Ultrasound Machines


Who are we

ZRG, LLC is an asset management​​ company specializing in the acquisition, refurbishment, sale, and donation of surplus medical and laboratory equipment.  

ZRG's biomedical team tests equipment to ensure it's sold as R2 Ready for Resale.  We are a lea​der in strict refurbishment standards for redeployment of reusable and used equipment.

Our Mission

"We strive to achieve the best outcomes for our customers and to make a difference to people and the planet every day." 


 ZRG's recycling efforts keep 100% of surplus medical equipment out of landfills. 

As an R2 certified company, ZRG promotes environmentally responsible practi​ces in the medical and electronics recycling industry.  We use environmen​tal practices that ensure proper e-waste disposal, and reallocate equipment for remarketing or reuse.  All product has been tested as R2 Ready for Resale.